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Ultimate progression guide[]

Hi! Welcome to the Ultimate progression guide. These are based on the communities recommendations for leveling, Go down the path of Demon or Slayer.

  • Slayer Progression

  • Demon Progression

  • Money Tips

  • Additional Information

Slayer path[]


Uses Breathing Styles, Requires you to fill up the breath meter to use abilities and unlike Demons they don't burn while in sunlight. You can upgrade your breath meter using gourds in the Butterfly Mansion. I highly recommend getting to level 3 breathing (Total Concentration Breathing), as it actually makes Breathing Styles usable, it takes a total of 7k wen. For more information watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdfqQ7q3oTc.

- Level 1 -> 12,[]

  • When you begin the game, you're going to want to do a mix of these 3 quests: Bandits for progression, Grandpa Wagon’s and Sarah’s quest for money. (Kirbating Village). (You can do any other money-making methods that you choose). Once you have 5k Wen, you can obtain the breathing style of your choice (Breathing Styles). If you don't have enough for a Breathing Styles, you should fish in the lake near Ushumaru Village. (From personal experience fishing for 0.5 - 1.5 hours is able to give you 5k - 15k wen) For a more detailed explanation on fishing watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5BHb2vmlaE

- Level 13 -> 15,[]

  • Once you have obtained a breathing style, go to Zapiwara cave and do the 3 demon quest. Once you're level 15, you can assemble a 2-5 person team to do Final Selection with. (If you are struggling with the hand demon, there is a glitch where you can climb the rock hill and he can't reach you).

- Level 15 -> 25,[]

  • Until you have reached level 25, (or a level you're comfortable soloing demon bosses with) you can continue doing demons in Zapiwara cave, and at level 20 go to Ushumaru village and do the Kaden boss quest.

- Level 25 -> 50,[]

  • Complete Quests from Kasugai Crow or do the Kaden quest, (It grants a good amount of XP and can be repeated)

- Level 50 -> 80+[]

Do Tyrones quest until level 80, then get either Flame Breathing,Beast Breathing,Mist Breathing,Snow Breathing or Sound Breathing

- Level 80 -> 105+

Do Malik's quest near Village 2 until Lvl 105 or you can do Ouwigahara with your friends for EXP and/or Wen.

- Level 105 -> 175+

Do Policeman(Night quest) , Boss Farm or Ouwigahara.

Demon path[]


Uses Demon Arts, Requires stamina for abilities and you're vulnerable to sunlight without a straw hat or Kamado. (It is recommended to get a straw hat as early as possible)

- Level 1 -> 10[]

  • When you first start the game, if you're going for demon, you're just going to want to do the bandit quest over and over until you're level 10, since you don’t need money to become a demon.

- Level 10 -> 15[]

  • At this point, you can start grinding at Zapiwaru cave, and do the demon quest until you're level 15.

- Level 15 -> 25[]

  • Talk to Muzan to start the questline to get Muzans Blood,
  • As soon as you become a demon, you're going to want to go to the demon art spinner in Zapiwara cave and get a demon art of your choice. Now that you're a demon, you can’t go into sunlight, so you're going to want to get straw hat/Kamado as soon as possible. straw hat is a 1% boss drop and gives you immunity to sunlight, Anyways, you're going to either want to grind bosses with a higher level friend, or continue demons in Zapiwara cave until you're level 20 and start grinding at Ushumaru village (Kaden).

- Level 25 -> 50,[]

  • Complete Quests from Muzan or do the Kaden quest, (It grants a good amount of XP and can be repeated)

- Level 50 -> 80+[]

  • Do Tyrone's quest at Nomay Village, if you don't have straw hat or isn't in the Kamado clan that provides sunlight immunity, spam cave 1 quest, Dream is best to do it with.

- Level 80 -> 105

Do Malik's quest near Village 2 until Lvl 105 or you can do Ouwigahara with your friends for EXP and/or Wen.

- Level 105+

Do Boss Farm or Ouwigahara.

Money making[]

Early Game[]

(Kirbating village)[]

- Wagwon’s wagon quest:

  • 150 Wen per delivery,

- Sarah's rice quest:

  • 120 Wen per quest,

(Ushumaru Village)[]

- Bettys lost diamond:

  • 500 wen, Spawns in 1 of 3 locations.


  • The most efficient method is cycling Betty’s quest. Once you have done it you go to the river and begin fishing each fish on average costs about 100-150 so while you wait for Betty’s quest to be off cooldown (5 min cooldown) you can fish,
  • If you’re mad lucky you could sell common items (like Thunder Katana) and farm bosses to get those items again and re-sell them over and over,

Late Game[]

- Muzan quests:

  • Ouwohana (Map 2) for wen, mainly because Muzan quests in Map 2 give 850-1100 wen and are repeatable, plus it doesn't have a cooldown for using them.

- Ouwigahara Dungeon:

  • Farm Points and spend them after the run 100-Wen Per 25pts.
  • 3000pt Run nets you around 12,000 Wen.

Additional Information[]

  • You can farm the Straw-hat from tier 1, tier 2, or tier 10 chest, To make being a Demon in the daytime easier.
  • Giyu can be a very difficult boss for demons, he has 2100 health and 2 bodyguards, it’s not recommended to fight him without knowing what you're doing or being at least level 35.
  • Akeza/Rengoku is the easiest boss to get drops from if you can actually beat him, he gives a tier 5 chest rather than a tier 1-3 like most bosses, AND he is there all the time, unlike the demon bosses who burn at day. But Akeza is inside a cave, and Rengoku is a slayer (human) so he doesn't burn.
  • Recommended to farm Inosuke or Muichiro while you wait for Akeza/Rengoku's 15-minute respawn timer.
  • If you're new or not as good at fighting bosses, a good way to grind for items (such as straw hat) is through Kaden, he is the easiest boss that still gives a tier 1 chest. But you can also grind Sabito as both Sabito and Kaden have the same hp and both have predictable movesets, in addition to that, Sabito also drops Sabito's mask, which gives +30 hp and can be very useful for new players.
  • It is recommend you grind to get straw hat BEFORE you become a demon, as you have to spend a while just waiting for it to become day.
  • Once you're past level 75 and have a better breathing (Flame, mist, or beast) You should grind your breathing/bda's respective boss for xp as after a while you can get a few levels and despite it being very time-taking, you still get xp and a chance to get your final move.

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Ultimate Progression Guide (2024)


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