Auto Repair Services

Engine Rebuilds

Engine Rebuilds have been dismantled, inspected, cleaned, and the parts replaced or repaired to upgrade them to current manufacturing specifications. Rebuilding engines, while labor intensive, costs less than replacing an entire vehicle or a new engine. Due to the unique rebuilding process, some parts might be as old as the original, slightly used, or brand new, but many manufacturers will offer a warranty anyway. Choosing a rebuilt engine from South bat Folkscraft can extend the life of a car and might be a cost-effective option for drivers who know that they have serious engine trouble.

Automatic Transmission Repair

We have experienced transmission repair specialists on site to keep your car’s transmission in great condition. We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround. Our mechanics are highly skilled and have years of experience. South Bay Folkscraft has been servicing automatic transmissions in the same location fro over 25 years.

Alignments, Suspension

If your car’s steering and suspension aren’t performing correctly, you’re in for a miserable bumpy ride.. At the first sign of noise when driving over bumps, trouble turning, uneven tire wear, or wandering wheels, stop by South bay Folkscraft in Torrance. A tire and wheel alignment every 6,000 miles can greatly extend the life of your tires.

Batteries & Electrical, Starters & Alternators

Batteries, Starters and Alternators are three interrelated components of your automobile. Together, these three are called your car’s electric system. Batteries provide the necessary power for the engine to start up, and then the alternator uses that energy as electric current to keep the car running. It’s easy to spot when you have electrical problems when one of these won’t work properly. If you are having issues starting your car or keeping a charge, stop by South Bay Folkscraft and lets us check it out.

Cooling Systems & Radiators

Did you know that overheating is the most common cause of your car breaking down? And that overheating can cause severe damage to the engine and the transmission? Maintaining your vehicle’s radiator, fluids and cooling system is essential to keeping you and your old friend on the road.

Full Vehicle Inspections

When it comes to vehicle inspection services, South Bay Folkscraft is proud to offer the highest quality vehicle assessments around. Our expert auto technicians evaluate all the major operating systems of your vehicle during their vehicle inspection procedures. Whether you’re bringing your car in for routine maintenance, repairs or a checkup, we complete an extensive vehicle inspection checklist to make sure your car is performing its best under the hood.